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Day 14 – Facing Change

Day 14 – Facing Change
Day 14 – Facing Change

Today, I did not do well while facing the change that is coming at work. Big corporate decided to downsize our “office” areas, and merge my area with our invoice office. Big change. My supervisor and I have to clean out, reorganize, and add stuff to our work/ storage area soon. Take out shelves, put in filing cabinets, get rid of our supplies (Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc.), and all sorts of other stuff. All in the name of making sure every store is doing the same thing.

The idea behind this change is, if a person gets fired, someone from another store can come in to work, and know exactly where everything is. Supposedly this new system is going to be smooth, supposedly we’re going to love it, and it supposedly won’t disrupt our current roles too much. Yeah, that has yet to be determined. But I digress.

We’ve known this change would be coming for a few months now, but we haven’t started any changes until this week. When I found out my system is going to be thrown out the window today, in lieu of this new “system”, I went berserk. I said “they’re going to have to be lenient with some things because our store is different”, and “I won’t do this, this, and this because I have a system!” It wasn’t pretty.

Looking back now, I understand why my manager was short with me. I didn’t say “I understand these changes must be made. How can we make this transition go smoothly?” Or, “can you explain this transition better so I can understand?” I said that they would have to be lenient on some things, and took the attitude of “that’s just the way it is because I say so”.

I will be first in line to admit, I don’t do change well. I hate change. Maybe it’s because of the way I grew up. My parents divorced when I was 10. My mom moved out shortly before the divorce. And, almost every time we went to see her, she was in a different apartment, with a different boyfriend. Or, maybe it was because my household growing up was chaos a lot of the time. I don’t know. I do know that I do not do change well. And I hate it.

But, even though I hate change, and fight it with every fiber of my being, it still happens. Change will always happen no matter how much resistance I put into it. The reason that is true is because change is inevitable. Things, people, places, everything must change for growth to happen.

If nothing changed, no one would grow. If everyone stayed in the same job forever, no one would grow. We would become stagnate. If rivers, or lakes, or oceans didn’t change, the water would become stagnate. If old, aged trees weren’t cut down, or blown down by nature, there would be no room for new trees to be planted.

So, what’s my secret to facing change? I let myself resist, for a short time. I kick and scream in my head, have a good long rant, and then I accept it. I’ve found that if I feel resistant to change, and I don’t acknowledge my feelings about the change, I don’t grow. And, my feelings fester inside too. They grow into a huge, green-eyed, nasty monster inside me until I explode on some unsuspecting person. That is why I acknowledge my feelings, work through them the best way I can, and then move on.

Sometimes the miracle happens, and I catch myself a little sooner. I vent my emotions a bit faster, and come to acceptance sooner than the time before. But, the only way that happens is when I am willing to allow change into my life. If I resist, I don’t grow.

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