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Day 8 – Healthy Eating

Day 8 – Healthy Eating
Day 8 – Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is one of the many parts of my sobriety today. Towards the end of my drinking days I barely ate anything. I had no appetite most nights. When I did force myself to eat something, it was never healthy. Some nights the only thing I ate was sour cream with tortilla chips.


Tofu Phó. Delicious!


After I got sober, my appetite came back. I think this is the reason you hear people say you may gain weight when you get sober. When you’re not filling your body with booze (sugar), it has a better chance at recognizing when you’re hungry.

Healthy eating wasn’t something I picked up right away though. When I was going through treatment, and doing 4 or 5 meetings a week, I didn’t have much time to cook. With limited time, I wasn’t eating healthy meals. But, I was eating something. And that was a good thing.

Over time, as my schedule lightened up, I started choosing healthier options. I became more aware of the types of food I was eating. And, more aware that some of those food options weren’t healthy. Frozen pizza being at the top of the list.

But it was a gradual process. I started opting for organic foods when my income afforded. I started paying more attention to my sodium intake. And, a few months ago, I became a vegetarian. Part of that decision was because of the animal cruelty thing. But mostly I was looking for a way to eat healthier. I also started paying attention to how my food tastes and smells.

Tonight, as I was getting ready to eat my Phó (Vietnamese), I noticed the smell of the seasoning, the herbs, and the other ingredients. It occurred to me that I was enjoying my food. Something I never did when I was drinking. Food back then was just something I ate to give me energy. Not something to enjoy.

What a great feeling it is to fill my body with good food. To enjoy that good food. And, to notice the good feeling I get from eating that good food. Food gives me energy. Like an engine that uses gasoline, my body uses food as fuel. And essentially, I need to fill it with premium. Otherwise it doesn’t run well.

So, if you’re new to sobriety, don’t push yourself too hard about what you eat. Give your body time to adjust to living without alcohol. Go slowly when making changes to your diet. And, pay attention to how you feel when you eat. Because when you take care of mind, body, and spirit, you become whole.

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