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Day 29 – Hope For Tomorrow

Day 29 – Hope For Tomorrow
Day 29 – Hope For Tomorrow

Today, I have hope for tomorrow. What tomorrow may bring, what my future holds, and I look forward to the events coming up. I never used to have hope for tomorrow. I dreaded tomorrow. I wouldn’t plan ahead, and if I did, I would always imagine ways that my plans would fail.

This was something I learned growing up. I don’t remember specific events that caused me to think this way, but I do know something happened. Later in life, when I would plan something, or look forward to an event, it would fall through.

I’ve also spent most of my life looking back, at the past. Always looking at my past as a black cloud looming over me. I felt I didn’t deserve to be happy, or to hope for anything good, because my past was so dark.

Now, today, I look forward to things, but I keep my expectations low. I don’t mean that I expect my plans to fall through. I mean that I don’t get my hopes too high that something will be super fantastic. For example, a while back my friend was having a party at her house for us all, to celebrate someone’s sober birthday. I was looking forward to hanging out, sitting by the fire pit, and having a good time. But, when the evening came, it was hot. Close to 90 degrees at 9 pm. Since it was so hot outside, we decided not to build a fire. And I was disappointed. I had my expectations too high.

By not imagining what I think the outcome will be, I am keeping my expectations low. I am also making room for myself to be amazed. Like right now, tonight, I made the decision to start my blog that I’ve been dreaming of starting. The mistake I made last time was, I had the expectation that it would be cake. I thought it would be something as simple as throwing some words on the page, a couple of pictures, and I would be done. But it wasn’t that simple. Now, I am going into it with new insight, learning from my past mistakes, and going in with an open mind.

I can also look back on my past, but not live there. I look back at my past to see how far I’ve come, connect the dots on behaviors I have today, but that’s it. I can’t change what has already happened. The only thing I can change is myself. And, I can look forward to the future because I have hope.

My challenge to you today is, ask yourself where your hope lies. What are your dreams or aspirations? What have you been holding off on because you’ve been too afraid to go for it? Are you looking at the past, or the future?

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my favorite movie, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”: We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams

Dream big my friends!

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