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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification
Instant Gratification

I often fall victim to instant gratification. I want what I want, and I want it now. When I first got sober, I wanted to be better immediately. I didn’t want to do the work that would keep me sober, I wanted an easy way out. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. If I want something bad enough, I must work for it. But, with that work comes completion.

This is a difficult puzzle I put together.


When I work hard for something I want, I get a sense of completion. I’ll never forget the time I finished reading the book “Trainspotting”. Reading that book took work because it is filled with slang words that I don’t use every day. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here is one sentence from the book:

“The sweat wis lashing oafay Sick Boy; he wis trembling. Ah wis jist sitting thair, focusing oan the telly, tryin no tae notice the cunt.”

That is what the whole book is like. There is also a glossary at the back so you can translate the words. A real mind trip. It took me two tries to get my brain wrapped around the words. The first time I tried, I gave up. I said “this is too difficult, and I can’t do it”. I wanted that instant gratification. But, after I finished the book, I was elated!! What an accomplishment! I challenged myself to read it, and I did it. Completion.

I have found that completing small tasks like cleaning up my house, folding the laundry, and doing the dishes brings a sense of completion as well. It also slows my brain down. When my outer surroundings are cluttered, my brain and thinking are too. But, when I get a sense of completion, wow! Amazing!

Today, I try to bring a sense of completion into my life. I try to work hard for the things that I want, instead of expecting things to happen. If I want to stay sober, I must work for it. If I want a better job, I must look for it. If I want to be happier, I must look inside of myself and find that happiness.

So, my challenge to you is, find your sense of completion. Start small, like cleaning your house. Or, try reading a book that’s out of your comfort zone. Do something that won’t provide instant results. Pick something that you must work for. Continue to push yourself to grow, not only in your sobriety, but your daily life too. Always push for the sense of completion. You’ll be glad you did.

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