Recovery Resources

Listed below are just some of the many recovery resources available online today. For more information, follow the link:

Alcohol Use Disorders

Drug Use Resources

“The History of the Opioid Epidemic”

“The Rise of Opioid Use Across the United States”

“Synthetic Marijuana vs. Natural Marijuana”

“Dabbing A Dangerous Marijuana Trend”

Treatment Resources

“Three Tips For Finding The Best Treatment”

Recovery Centers Search Page

Recovery Physicians Search Page

“What is Rehab”

“Which Detox Program is Right for Me”

“The One Question To Ask Your Rehab Center”

“11 Questions to Ask A Treatment Center”

“Ten Things To Know Before You Seek Addiction Treatment”

“Relapse & Slips: Warning Signs, Triggers, and Prevention Plan”

Family Resources

“Addiction as a Family Disease”

“Teaching kids to stay away from drugs and alcohol should begin at an early age”

“The 5 Things To Do And Not Do If Your Child Is Found Using Drugs/Alcohol”

“Which Therapies Heal The Family Disease Of Addiction”

“Behavior Change – Truth and Understanding…”

“3 Things To Do When They Won’t Seek Treatment”

“20 Warning Signs Of Co Dependency”

“Professional, Caring Addiction Interventions”

“How To Talk To Your Kids About Opioids”

“Teen Addiction Guide For Parents”

“Column: How to talk to your kids about opioids”

“Parents: Get Inside Your Adolescent’s Brain to Prevent Addiction”

Grants For Single Mothers – Financial Assistance


“Free Sobriety E-Book Download”

“The 12-Step Approach to Addiction Treatment”

High School/ College Substance Use Resources

“Spring Break/ Alcohol Use”

“Prevent Hazing Among High School Students”

“Alcohol Use on College Campuses”

“Collegiate Recovery Programs”

“Middle/ High School Snapshot”

“College Students May Suffer Permanent Brain Damage from Binge Drinking”

Mental Health

“Co-occurring Disorders Treatment”

“When People Think You’re Too ‘High-Functioning’ to Have PTSD”

“Trauma | Jamie Marich | TEDxYoungstown”

Suicide Awareness

“100 Ways to Make It Through the Next 5 Minutes” Info-graphic

“10 Common Warning Signs Of Suicide”

“Teenage Trauma and Suicide”

“5 Myths About Suicide”

“Suicide Prevention Tip 1: Speak Up If You’re Worried”

“Suicide Prevention Tip 2: Respond Quickly In A Crisis”

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA)

“10 Things To Know About Children Of Alcoholics”

“10 Unspoken Patterns I’ve Adapted Growing Up With An Alcoholic”

“Why Children Of Alcoholics Become Over-Responsible”

Personal Recovery Stories

Heroes In Recovery

Sober Nation “Sober Stories”

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