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Day 22 – Stand Tall In Your Truth

Day 22 – Stand Tall In Your Truth
Day 22 – Stand Tall In Your Truth

Last night I volunteered to speak at one of our local meetings. Immediately the thought of “suit up and show up” came to mind, as well as the doctrine of sponsorship. Number one, I don’t dress up. I’m a tom boy with a touch of feminine, and I hate dresses. Number two, I have a different idea of sponsorship.

With these two thoughts floating in my brain I remembered to stand tall in my truth. What works for me might not work for you. And that’s okay.

When I get up in front of everyone in a few weeks to share my story, there will be similarities, and there will be differences. But, that’s why I share my story with others. Not everyone fits into the same neat package. Some people grew up perfectly normal, whereas I grew up rough. My story does not include drugs like many. It does not include jails, DUI’s, or many other things that are included in other’s stories.

But, the point of sharing my story isn’t to say “hey, I’m different from you”. It is to say “hey, my story may be different, but maybe you can relate”. When I get up to share, I will share that I have a male sponsor. Male/ female sponsorship is frowned upon usually, but for me, it works. That is my truth.

Many people at my meetings say the only way to work the Steps is with a sponsor. When I worked the Steps the first time, I worked them by myself, and shared my 5th Step with my Pastor, and a friend. That is my truth.

Some people say they work Steps 10, 11, and 12 every day, and do a 4th Step once a year, or every 5 years, etc. I work all the Steps, in one form or the other, every day. And, I do an extended 4th Step when something arises from my past that I thought I had taken care of. That is my truth.

For a long time after I got sober I heard people say all the above things about sponsorship, and going to their sponsor when they need to make decisions. I would question myself during those times, and wonder if I was doing things wrong. Then one day, I woke up and realized I was not wrong. I realized that that was their truth, and my truth was different.

It was, and is, still difficult sometimes to stand tall in my truth. To hear opinions of others and not question myself. But having a clear idea of what works for me, what doesn’t, and a willingness to try something new if I feel the need, helps me stand tall in my truth.

Finding your truth is a simple process. Listen to what other people say about something, and ask yourself if you believe that too. Trust your gut. When you say “yes, I believe that too”, do you know in your heart that that is true? Or, do you feel that something isn’t right? Like your head is saying yes, but your heart is saying no? That is your gut talking to you. Or, intuition if you will. If something feels off about a situation, or an idea, it is probably not your truth.

In a world of constant advertising, social media, and countless other sources of information telling you to think a certain way, know your truth. Stand tall in your truth. And always remember, what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily have to work for you too.

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