Day 26 – Make A List
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Day 27 – Starting Off On The Right Foot

Day 27 – Starting Off On The Right Foot
Day 27 – Starting Off On The Right Foot

How I start my day has everything to do with how my day goes. If I start the work day feeling rushed, racing out the door, my day usually turns out bad. When I start the day relaxed, take time to meditate, read my daily readings, and pray, my day usually goes well.

Today for example was a good day. I wasn’t rushed this morning while getting ready for work. I had time to do my morning routine. And, at work, I accomplished many things on my never ending “would like to accomplish” list. Since we’re coming up on inventory, which is in the middle of March, it is important that I stay caught up and on the ball.

But what makes a day good or bad?

My mindset makes a big difference. If I’m stressed about yesterday, worried about tomorrow, or projecting what I think will happen today, the day will inevitably go bad.

My morning routine plays a small part in how my day goes, but it is just a routine. Just because I don’t start my day with prayer or meditation doesn’t mean I will have a bad day. It helps, yes. But, my routine doesn’t make or break my day.

If my day starts off badly, I can start my day over. I can choose to change my mindset about the day. If I am willing. Sometimes I am willing to recognize when I am in a bad head space. Sometimes I’m not though. Sometimes I’m selfish, and I decide to sit in my shitty mood.

However, I’ve learned that it’s not as satisfying as it used to be to sit in my shitty mood. When I sit in that mood, I’m grumpy towards others, and then I must make amends. I hate making amends.

For me, it’s easier to take inventory during the day, and recognize when my mood is shifting. This is part of practicing mindfulness. When I catch myself during the day, and shift my mood, I’m happier in the long run. I have more good days than bad.

The outcome of my day depends on my internal condition, not outside circumstances. There are always going to be bad things happening in the world. That’s a given. What is most important for me is what I do with the information I am taking in.

So, next time you feel like you’re having a bad day, start the day over. Say a prayer, take a break outside in the fresh air, or vent to a friend. Whatever helps reset your mind, and gets you back on the right track. And don’t worry if it doesn’t work the first few times. Being able to reset the day and your mind comes with patience, practice, and willingness. Keep trying, and you’ll be on the right track.

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